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Brown Pine Tar

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Auson Brown Tar is a classic pine tar, a revival of a style that was popular in the romantic period over 200 years ago.  Made from Dark Pine Tar with natural brown pigments. Brown Tar can be applied on untreated wood or on wood that has previously been treated with natural oils or tars.

Brown Pine Tar penetrates deep into the wood, and should be mixed with linseed or tung oil to be used as a wood finish and preservative. The recommended mix is 50/50. The result is a natural, breathable, brown matte finish that is water-repellant, rot-resistant, pest-resistant, UV resistant, and truly classic!

Pine tar itself does not dry on the surface of wood, rather it soaks into the wood, leaving the surface feeling dry over time. Combining 50/50 with a drying oil provides the necessary drying and durability for the finish. Must be applied in warm or hot weather onto warm wood for maximum penetration into the surface. Pine tar can also be thinned with a gum turpentine.

Pine tar has been relied upon for centuries for preserving ancient buildings in Europe, such as Norway's Stave churches, some of which are still being used and maintained with pine tar after 900 years.

Pine Tar from Auson is produced in a closed kiln, oven made, and is creosote-free!

Made in Sweden

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