At Craftsman Supply Co., we value creativity, vision, and truth, and we take seriously our mandate to steward the planet well! We believe that humans are part of the environment, and everything on earth thrives when human activity works in concert with the natural world rather than against it. To that end, we focus on providing sustainable, durable, ethically made natural products and materials. We began our business in order to provide quality materials to the natural building industry, and while that remains our focus, we have expanded to supply much more! Whether you are a builder, craftsman, farmer, homeowner, adventurer, or just someone who shares our values, you may appreciate our carefully selected supplies! 

Locally Owned And Operated

We are a small family-owned business, and we take pride in giving you the best possible customer service. We are located on Pender Island in British Columbia, Canada. We test all the tools, equipment, and materials we carry in our store on our own projects and adventures so that we know we can stand behind what we sell! We look for unique well-made products that will be valued for generations, and we know that you will appreciate our merchandise as much as we do!

A Word From The Founder

My name is Austin. I live in paradise on a tiny island on the West Coast of BC, Canada, with my family. We are farming and building on a 38-acre property. The Craftsman Supply Co. journey started while building our timber frame natural home on the farm. We wanted to farm, build, and live without synthetic materials, close to the land, valuing quality, connection, and supporting and building a small business that benefits communities. While sourcing products for our home build, we realized the value of finding everything in one place in our corner of the world, and Craftsman Supply Co. was born.

Always Looking For The Best

We are always on the lookout for new manufacturers that offer high-quality, natural products. If you know of any businesses that might fit our line-up, please let us know. We would be very interested in learning more about them.

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