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    The tools you use to apply various finishes like paint or oil can make a big difference in your final results. It's essential to pick the right brushes for the job.

    Real Milk Paint's brushes are perfect for their paint and allow for smooth finishes and glazes with the round and oval paint and glazing brushes.  

    Our Craftsman Supply Co. limewash and masonry brushes are made of all-natural materials and are ideal for limewash, washing masonry, applying concrete parge coats, and applying various wood and concrete finishes.

    7 products
    Genuine Lye Soap
    Genuine Lye Soap Bar No Package
    Lye Soap Paintbrush Cleaner/Conditioner
    Real Milk Paint
    4" Wide flat hog bristle tar brush
    wide natural bristle tar brush in parts
    Wide Natural Bristle Flat Brush - 4"
    Large Wood Tar, Oil, and Stain Brush - 7"
    Craftsman Supply
    Handmade Natural Bristle Paintbrush 1-3/4"
    Handmade Natural Bristle Oval Paintbrush - 1-3/4"
    Limewash and masonry brush
    Limewash and Masonry Brush
    Craftsman Supply
    Round Paint and Glazing Brush - 1"
    Real Milk Paint
    Oval Paint and Glazing Brush - 2"
    Real Milk Paint

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