Lye Soap Paintbrush Cleaner/Conditioner

Genuine Lye Soap
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Lye Soap Paintbrush Cleaner/Conditioner

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Lye Soap is great for cleaning and conditioning your brushes. Not a lot of suds, just good cleaning power. Also, helps condition natural brush bristles to keep them in great shape.

Especially useful for cleaning brushes that are used for milk paint, and drying oils such as tung oil, linseed oil, or hemp oil.

Includes: soap, cotton cover and jute string.

Use hot water to clean your brush. This will help loosen paint from the bristles. Lather the brush gently with Lye soap. There will be very little suds. Make sure all the bristles are coated in soap, then rinse the brush out thoroughly and squeeze out excess water before drying.

After washing your brush, the bristles may spread out, which can be prevented by lightly wrapping the brush in the included cotton cover, and tying with the jute string. Hang the brush in a well ventilated area until it is dry.

Made in Tennessee, USA

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