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Allbäck Linseed Soap

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Pure Linseed Soap can be used for all sorts of cleaning jobs, such as surfaces, brushes, tools, and even for your personal hygiene!

Linseed soap is made from 100% purified, raw linseed oil and water. It is a pure natural product, without any additives.

For Paint Brushes and Hands:
Mix soap with a little water. Work into brushes and rinse.

For Wooden Floors:
Combine 1/2 a cup of soap in a bucket of water. Wash floors, and allow to dry.

Surfaces with stubborn dirt, such as ovens, vehicles, kitchen and work surfaces, or fabric stains:
Apply undiluted and rub into the surface. After and allowing it to sit for a while, rinse with water or wash in a washing machine.

For cleaning metal fittings and hardware:
Boil rusty or old painted fittings and hardware in 50/50 Linseed Oil Soap and water for a few hours. Leave to cool overnight. Remove the fittings, and brush them off in clean water, and leave to dry. Be sure to capture old paint sludge and dispose safely.

May be used on skin without triggering any chemical sensitivities.

Produced in Sweden 

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