Pure Tung Oil (Chinawood Oil)

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Pure Tung Oil (Chinawood Oil)

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100% Pure Tung Oil, also known as Chinawood oil. This amazing drying oil has long been known as a superior wood finishing oil. Apply generously with a rag or brush and allow to soak in before wiping off the excess. Can be applied in multiple coats. For best results, the first few coats can be cut with a natural citrus solvent to allow the oil to penetrate deep into the wood. Tung oil will harden or polymerize in the wood, creating a water-resistant and durable finish. Unlike synthetic coatings, scratches and marks in the tung oil finish can be easily touched up with a little oil on a rag when required. Tung oil creates a beautiful matte finish that slightly darkens wood by adding deep honey tones.

Our High-Quality Tung Oil is all-natural and FDA-approved for food contact.

Comes in 5 sizes (128oz, 32oz, 16oz, 8oz, and 1oz sample)

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