Le Tonkinois Classic Anti-corrosion Linseed/Tung Oil Varnish

Le Tonkinois Classic Anti-Corrosion Varnish 1 Liter
Le Tonkinois Classic Anti-Corrosion Varnish 2.5 Liter

Le Tonkinois Classic Anti-corrosion Linseed/Tung Oil Varnish

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Le Tonkinois Classic Anti-corrosion Varnish is a fantastic addition to our lineup of natural finishes. Non-toxic and 100% natural! Excellent for varnishing all types of wood and metal, indoors, outdoors, on boats, buildings, fences, windows, outdoor furniture or wherever you want to protect and beautify a project with a durable natural finish that ages with grace! This product is very effective at inhibiting corrosion, even underwater in harsh marine environments!

Le Tonkinois Varnish is made from a proprietary blend of Pure Tung oil and Pure Linseed oil cooked in a special process by the same family in France since 1906. The recipe was learned from the Vietnamese during French colonization, so it is likely much older. For almost 100 years it was the official varnish of the French Navy!

Unlike typical synthetic varnishes, this varnish soaks into the wood, and remains flexible over time, which means that it is not prone to cracking, peeling, or blistering and can be easily refreshed with a light sanding and a little more oil. It also resists scuffs and abrasions and has UV resistant and salt-water resistant properties.

Le Tonkinois has an attractive gloss finish, but the sheen can be controlled by adding Le Tonkinois Gelomat to the final coat.


Le Tonkinois varnish should be applied in thin coats on a clean, dry surface with a brush, roller, or sprayer, and without thinners. Ideally should be applied at temperatures over 18ºC. For better penetration and a more durable, longer-lasting finish, heat the varnish to about 60ºC. Once the surface is dry (about 24 hours), sand lightly and apply a second coat. For even longer lasting results, impregnate wood surfaces with Le Tonkinois Bio Impression Oil before finishing with varnish. The number of coats depends on the wood and desired level of protection:

Interior surfaces: 3-6 coats.
Exterior surfaces: 6-10 coats.
Marine surfaces: 10+ coats.

Covers about 20 sq meters (215 Sq ft) per litre, for a single coat.

Made in France

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