Le Tonkinois Bio Impression Oil - 1.2L

Le Tonkinois Bio Impression Oil 1.2 Liter Can

Le Tonkinois Bio Impression Oil - 1.2L

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Le Tonkinois Bio Impression Oil is a protective impregnating oil made from palm oil, castor oil, and linseed oil.

The main purpose of Bio Impression Oil is as an undercoat for Le Tonkinois Varnish. However, it can also be used as a protective undercoat for any varnish or paint, or it can be used on its own as a soft matte varnish finish. The formula of Bio Impression Oil makes it thinner than other Le Tonkinois varnishes, meaning it soaks much deeper into the wood fibre. This property makes a good surface for adhesion, and allows Bio Impression Oil to significantly improve the durability and longevity of Varnish topcoats. It also stabilizes the wood by limiting expansion and contraction.

Bio Impression Oil is also excellent on its own as a protective coat for outdoor wooden furniture.


Apply Bio Impression Oil to a clean, dry surface with a brush, roller, sprayer, or cloth. Does not need thinning. Works best on an absorbent surface, with no other coatings.


Approximately 20 sq meters (215 SQFT) per litre, for a single coat.


About 24 hours at room temperature, with good ventilation and low humidity.

Made in France

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