Zero-Waste Biodegradable Silk Dental Floss

Silk Dental Floss in Glass Container
Silk Dental Floss 2-pack Refill
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Zero-Waste Biodegradable Silk Dental Floss

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 From the celebrated Canadian company "Life Unpacked," comes this exceptional zero-waste biodegradable dental floss. All natural, plastic-free, even the packaging!

This Canadian zero-waste silk dental floss has a light mint flavour, and is perfect for people with tight teeth. To make things even better, each time you run out of floss, simply transfer a new spool into the glass container from the refill pack. Eco-friendly dental floss is one small step towards a waste-free future! Each 30 meter roll should last about 2 months or more depending on frequency of use. 

We carry two options:

- One 30 meter roll of silk floss in a glass jar with stainless steel easy-dispensing lid


- Pack of two 30 meter silk floss refills

Chemical Free
Contains: Silk fiber, Candelilla Wax (from the Candelilla shrub), and Peppermint Essential Oil
Reusable glass and stainless steel container
Each roll is 30 meters long
Compostable/recyclable packaging

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