Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins or Storage Containers

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Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins Small and Large
Trangia Small Aluminum Mess Tin
Trangia Large Aluminum Mess Tin

Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins or Storage Containers

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These fantastic Aluminum Mess Tins are the perfect balance between durability and the use of thin lightweight materials, to make them the ideal plastic-free alternative for food storage for both at home and on your next hiking trip!

With perfectly rounded edges and corners, and a precision tight-fitting lid, these are easily cleaned and nearly airtight... enough that food will keep well in the fridge, and moist foods will not dry out in travel. Due to the lack of a synthetic gasket sealing these closed, liquids are not advisable if these containers are being placed in a bag where they could be upended.

And, they're not just great for food storage! Use these containers for keepsakes, pencils, tools, nuts and bolts, or even to store sensitive electronics to protect against EMPs!

Large Mess Tin measures 200 x 130 x 70 mm

Small Mess Tin measures 165 x 90 x 65 mm

Made in Sweden by Trangia, since 1925

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