Pure Canadian Yellow Beeswax Block - 1 LB (454g)

Canadian yellow beeswax one pound block

Pure Canadian Yellow Beeswax Block - 1 LB (454g)

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Beeswax is made by worker bees through special wax-secreting glands, and is used by them to build the honeycomb that stores honey. 

This premium cosmetic grade Canadian beeswax is filtered to 1 micron, and is sold in a one pound block.

Beeswax has a nearly endless list of uses. Some of our favourites are listed below. Needless to say, everyone needs a regular supply of beeswax!

- Balms and Lotions 

- Candles

- Furniture Polish

- Waxed cotton food wraps

- Waterproofing shoes, jackets, or other fabric/canvas items

- Protecting metal tools from rust

- Natural filler for small holes in wooden trim

- Lubricating drawer slides

- Greasing baking pans

- Seasoning Cast Iron

- Unsticking zippers

- Styling Hair

- Sealing an envelope the old-school way

- Grafting fruit trees

- Waxing thread

- Polishing leather shoes

- Cheese waxing

You get the picture. There are literally thousands of uses for this amazing product. Stock up now!

Blocks are Handmade in Brockville, Ontario, Canada.


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