High Tack Fish Glue

Bottle of Fish glue with wood background
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Bottle of Fish glue

High Tack Fish Glue

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Fish Glue is a hard drying glue product that is entirely made from fish skins that are processed as a byproduct of the fishing industry in Eastern Canada. The glue is non-toxic and biodegradable, yet superior in strength to most synthetic glues on the market. For woodworking, there are few equals!

Fish glue has been used for centuries as a strong and reliable adhesive. Used in various arts and crafts, art restoration, book binding, musical instrument making, woodworking, and on many substrates such as glass, ceramics, fabric, cork, metal, wood, paper, and leather! Fish glue can be easily sanded, resists solvents, and is water soluble. The cured glue can be re-moistened to restore initial tack, making it reversible. As it is not a waterproof glue, fish glue is not ideal for wet environments.

Using fish glue not only provides a superior adhesive, but also reduces waste from products glued with synthetic glues that are toxic to the environment.

SAFETY: Fish glue is not considered hazardous. If ingested, drink plenty of water and do not induce vomiting.

SHELF LIFE: 2+ years, or longer if kept refrigerated.

Made in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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