Helle Rein Knife - 2023 Limited Edition

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Helle Limited Edition Rein Knife with leather case
Helle Limited Edition 2023 Rein Knife against reindeer fur background
Helle Limited Edition Rein Knife in leather sheath on fur background
Helle Limited Edition Rein Knife stuck in log beside mug
Helle Limited Edition Rein Knife
Helle Limited Edition Rein Knife in leather sheath

Helle Rein Knife - 2023 Limited Edition

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This 2023 limited edition Helle knife celebrates one of Helle’s favourite animals: The Reindeer (Rein in Norwegian). Reindeer have been one of the most important animals in Norway for thousands of years. and have supplied people of the Nordic countries with protein, pelts, and, most importantly for Helle, antlers for crafts.

Reindeer antlers are a treasured craft material for several reasons. First, they are a hard yet machinable natural material. Second, the natural variation in patterns and colours make them aesthetically appealing. Third, Scandinavian reindeer antlers are a sustainable and renewable source of handle material.

The 2023 Limited Edition Helle Rein knife is also dedicated towards raising awareness of the precariousness of world ecosystems in general and Nordic Reindeer in particular. Nordic Reindeer herds are seriously threatened; both managed and wild herds.

The Rein is of course built with the image of a reindeer in mind. These are large, gracious animals that are ideally suited to life up north. The colours in the knife mirror those of the reindeer – earthly tones split by white bands.

The knife features a scandi-grind, 9 cm highly polished blade in Helle's laminated H3LS steel. The composite handle has an ample belly built by equal parts leather and reindeer antler inlets, framed by a front and back piece in dark oak. The shape is that of a classic Norwegian outdoor knife, ideally suited to most general uses for a knife.

The knife comes in a sheath made from genuine, vegetable-tanned brown leather and features a Reindeer print on the front.

Helle knives have been handcrafted in Norway since 1932 by a family company characterized by tradition and craft! Now run by the third generation of the same family, everyone at Helle shares a passion for the outdoors, and this inspires the design and function of every knife.

Weight: 144 g
Blade material: Triple Laminated Helle steel, stainless (H3LS)
Blade thickness: 2 mm
Blade length: 90 mm
Blade construction: Stick tang
Handle material: Reindeer antlers, dark oak and leather
Handle length: 110 mm
Sheath material: Genuine leather
Design year: 2023

Made in Norway

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