Genuine Dark Pine Tar

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Genuine Dark Pine Tar

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This high quality wood finishing product from Sweden is made by burning out the resins from pine stumps. The resins, combined with carbon particulate from the burning process make this a singularly amazing UV resistant, water-resistant, rot-resistant, pest-resistant, and classic looking natural wood preservation product!

Pine tar does not dry on the surface of wood, rather it soaks into the wood, leaving the surface feeling dry. Should be applied in warm or hot weather onto warm wood for maximum penetration into the surface. Even in warm weather it is ideally thinned with a gum turpentine. Alternatively, it can be mixed 50/50 with linseed or tung oil for better penetration and a harder cured surface.

The stunning result of pine tar treatment is a highly sought after richly coloured dark wood, showcasing all the natural grain and character in the wood, while simultaneously protecting and preserving the wood for generations to come.

Pine tar has been relied upon for centuries for preserving ancient buildings in Europe, such as Norway's Stave churches, some of which are still being used and maintained with pine tar after 900 years.

Genuine Dark Pine Tar from Auson is produced in a closed kiln, oven made, and is creosote-free!

Other unique uses for Pine Tar include:

- Protecting outdoor wood furniture

- general waterproofing of wood and metal boats

- preserving natural ropes (especially for marine use)

- Hoof care treatment for Horses and Cattle

- Treating foot wounds on chickens

- Topical antiseptic and fungicide

- Mixed with linseed or tung oil and applied to kraft paper for natural building membranes

- Ingredient in pine tar soap

- Applied to baseball bat handles to improve grip

I'm sure you'll agree that pine tar is a must have product in every home, farm, and shop!

Made In Sweden

SDS Dark Pine Tar

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