Esker All-natural Supportive Performance Wool Insole

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Esker Wool Insole
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Esker All-natural Supportive Performance Wool Insole

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Made in Canada with Canadian Wool! These high performance insoles are a phenomenal member of our plastic-free lineup. Made with only three materials: wool, natural rubber, and linen!

Constructed in two layers; taking advantage of the proven breathable, anti-odour, and temperature regulating benefits of 100% wool on the top layer closest to the feet, with the bottom layer of natural linen, adhered to the wool with a natural rubber adhesive, for maximum durability.

Designed with a supportive, anatomical shape, these insoles offer exceptional quality and durability for all your outdoor adventures!

Key Features:

- Wool fibres keep feet cool in summer and warm in winter

- Antimicrobial properties of wool reduce odour

- Wool fibres adapt to shape of foot for a custom fit

- Pedorthist designed orthotic shape supports feet and reduces fatigue

- Integrated metatarsal support relieves forefoot pressure and pain from metatarsalgia

- Adaptive arch and deep heel cup provide relief for plantar fasciitis

- Plastic and petrochemical free!


Transform your feet with Esker Insoles! These are the perfect complement to our Boulet and Canada West Boots!

Designed and Manufactured in Canada

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