Crown #108 Beech Joiners Mallet - 6"


Crown #108 Beech Joiners Mallet - 6"

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The Crown 108 Beech Joiners Mallet, also called a carpenter's mallet, is a traditional mallet that is useful for tapping home joints and assemblies, and for driving chisels. This mallet is also large enough for driving timber frame pegs. The handle and head socket have matching tapers so that centrifugal force tightens it every time it's used. Made from the finest solid kiln-dried European beech. Exceptional build quality and material selection means that this tool will last for generations, unlike cheaper imitations.

Mallet head measures approximately 6" wide. The striking face measures approximately 2"x3". The overall length of the handle is 14". Weighs approximately 1.5 lbs (24 oz).

Handmade by Crown Hand Tools Ltd. in Sheffield, England

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