Havelock Wool: The Best Van insulation

Insulating your van allows you to remain comfortable despite the outside weather, but not all insulation is the same. Choosing the right material for your insulation will provide you with the best results and ensure that the use of your van is more enjoyable. But why is insulation important, and with the number of options available, which one should you choose?

Havelock wool makes an excellent choice for your vehicle. Keep reading to learn what makes havelock wool the best van insulation.

Why Do You Need Van Insulation?

Proper insulation of your van, as with your home, slows the rate of heat transfer from within and without. This makes it much easier to regulate the interior temperature, helping it to stay cool or warm as necessary. While many tend to think of insulation as being necessary to stay warm, it is equally useful in hotter climates.

Insulating your van also reduces the chance of condensation, which is an important consideration when it comes to preventing rust and mould, which is damaging not only to your van but also to your health.

What is Havelock Wool?

Havelock produces superior quality wool sourced from Romney sheep in New Zealand, a breed very well suited for insulation. In most cases, wool insulation is made from waste wool, which is wool that isn’t of a high enough quality for use in consumer goods such as clothing and upholstery. Havelock wool uses the full coat from sheep that are sheered twice yearly. This wool is then processed to create two types of insulation known as batts (pre-cut segments of insulation available in different sizes) and loose-fill (small particles than conform to any space). Kinks in the wool create pockets which trap air, creating excellent insulation.

Havelock’s effort to create the finest quality product possible has made Havelock Wool the top choice for your insulation needs.

What Are The Benefits of Havelock Wool?

Wool has been in use as insulation for thousands of years for good reason. Wool offers several benefits that make it an ideal material for insulating vans. Some of the benefits of wool insulation include:

  • Flame Resistance

Wool has natural flame-resistant properties, igniting less readily than other organic materials due to its natural moisture content. It also has a nitrogen content high enough that it is considered a self-extinguishing material. This means that it will not support flames below a temperature of 560 degrees Celsius.

  • Improved Air Quality

Another remarkable property of wool is its ability to absorb odours and toxins. It is able to reduce air contaminants via certain amino acids that it contains. These amino acids bond with formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide on a molecular level, removing them from the air to improve air quality.

Because wool is a keratin (a type of fibrous protein), it prevents the spread of mould and mildew.

  • Humidity Control

Wool does more than regulate temperature, it also creates a balanced environment by absorbing moisture when the humidity is high and releasing it when the humidity is low. Even in warmer temperatures, reduced humidity will result in greater comfort.

  • Sound Dampening

While perhaps not the first thing you think of when seeking insulation, sound insulation is a factor, and you will appreciate the sound dampening properties that wool possesses.

  • Durability

Havelock wool insulation is highly durable and is resistant to breakage or tearing, ensuring that it will last for years to come.

Why is Havelock Wool the Best Choice for Van Insulation?

Wool insulation from Havelock is a natural, organic choice that provides superior performance and several unique properties, making it the perfect insulation for your van. Many who choose wool insulation also appreciate the fact that it is a renewable, sustainable product. It is also biodegradable and compostable, meaning its carbon footprint is remarkably low.

Easy to work with, Havelock wool is available in batts that allow for easy installation. Further, by insulating, dampening sound, managing moisture, and improving the air quality inside your van, it saves you money that you would otherwise spend to achieve these results separately.

Just as wool should be your top choice when seeking insulation for your van, Havelock wool should be your top choice of wool. With a commitment to quality and performance, Havelock wool will meet all your needs in an ecological, economical manner.

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