Canada West Boots vs Blundstone

Blundstones have been around for many years now, with Blundstone and Sons having been formed in 1870. While the company has a long history it is in recent years that Blundstones have been increasingly popular in Canada, becoming a must-have for many Canadians, particularly those in Vancouver. But are Blundstone boots everything that people think they are, or are there competitors that can match or even surpass them?

Canada West Boots, founded in Manitoba in 1978, are winning consumers over with top-quality footwear that may become your new favourite. But how do the two brands compare, and which represents a greater value for your money?


Those who love their Blundstones will point to several factors why they wear them. Suitable for taking or stroll around town, camping with friends, or light hiking on trails, Blundstone boots can do it all. They also have a classic look that can pair easily with any outfit and are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Owners may tell you that they are stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, durable, but let’s look at their high points individually.


Blundstones are definitely durable for the price. While there are other boots out there that are more durable, you can usually expect to pay a good amount more. They can endure moderate abuse, including kicking at ice and snow and traipsing through salt and slush in the winter. The soles hold up well, but when they do eventually need to be replaced, you will find that they are not Goodyear welted, meaning that they are hard to resole. You can also expect to replace the insoles in time.


While Blundstones are typically described as comfortable, this will of course vary by person. Most people don’t choose these boots specifically for comfort, though they are not uncomfortable, either. It will be helpful to have comfortable insoles. Keep in mind that while they break in quite easily, you may have some discomfort at first, with chafing or blisters. Blundstones also aren’t very breathable, so you may get sweaty feet depending on the temperature and your level of exertion.


Blundstones are attractive boots, but again, this is a personal consideration, and you’ll have to ask yourself if being stylish and trendy are worth the investment, or if it’s other factors that will help you make a purchasing decision. They are popular enough that you may find yourself being “one of the crowd” when wearing them, which may be a consideration for some.

Canada West

While they are a newer brand than Blundstone, Canada West boots are appealing to many Blundstone customers and winning them over with a high-quality product made in Canada. They also have some advantages over their more senior competitor. Let’s review.


Like the Blundstones, Canada West boots are solid and dependable, whether you are using them for yard work or taking a short hike. The Vibram soles are light but tough and offer excellent grip. When the time comes to replace them, you’ll appreciate the Goodyear welt which makes them much easier than the Blundstone to resole. The soles are also more likely to stay water-resistant, and the bullhide and bison leathers are thicker than the bonded leather on the Blundstones.


Canada West boots offer greater comfort and, most importantly, keep your feet safe, warm, and dry, which is important for Canadian Winters, though you may find them a bit too warm for extended indoor wear.


Canada West boots are stylish with an attractive silhouette. The high-quality leather is not printed or embossed at the tannery, giving each pair its own unique texture, and their durability means that great look is going to last.

Canada West vs Blundstone

When looking for a good, solid boot that can get you through a Canadian winter, Blundstones are a popular choice. With decent quality and good durability, there is a reason why so many swear by them. However, there are several reasons to choose Canada West boots instead. Not only are they more durable and of higher quality, but they also offer excellent protection against the elements, feature the Vibram sole for superior traction, and are just as stylish as the Blundstones. The advantage of the Goodyear welt makes resoling them much easier, so you know they are with you for the long haul. On top of it all, they are proudly made in Canada.

If you are considering buying a pair of high-quality boots, or if you already own a pair but are looking for something new that stands out a bit rather than following the Blundstone fad, check out our collection of Canada West Boots for a superior experience.