Benefits of Using Real Milk Paint Company Products

Today’s consumers tend to be much more environmentally aware than those of even just a few years ago. We all want to make a difference in protecting the earth, and that is reflected in our buying decisions, with many of us looking for green alternatives to the products we use.

Anyone who has spent time inhaling unpleasant fumes while painting has probably found themselves wishing for an environmentally friendly paint. Would it surprise you to know that such a thing exists?

The Real Milk Paint Company has long been focused on protecting the environment and customer health. They proudly offer you powdered milk paint, a non-toxic alternative to traditional paint that protects not only the environment but you as well.

Breathing in the fumes of regular paint can cause both short- and long-term health effects, including nausea, dizziness, and headaches. Real Milk Paint has no toxic off-gassing to pollute your home or your lungs, making it a great choice for virtually everyone.

What Makes Real Milk Paint a Green Product?

Standard paint is made from a combination of resins, solvents, pigments, and other additives. Real Milk Paint is a green product, meaning it is an environmentally-friendly alternative that contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are the gasses emitted by standard paint and other certain products. Some VOCs can be very harmful and may even be carcinogenic.

Because Real Milk Paint is non-toxic and contains no VOCs, it is safe for you, your family, and the earth. This may seem like a great new advance in paint technology, but in fact, milk paint has been with us for several hundred years. Documentation exists showing that milk paint was used in the 16th century and was valued for providing an excellent wood finish.

How is Milk Paint Made?

Milk paint is a natural product that is created with the natural milk proteins that are produced by the curdling process. It includes organic materials such as lime, pigment to give it colour, and of course, curdled milk. Traditionally, the various pigments were derived from sources like soot, coal, and charcoal to create black, Yellow Ochre for yellow, and red from the earth’s crust or crushed brick.

The Real Milk Paint Company continues this tradition of sourcing natural pigment for their paints, harvesting them in a natural manner to produce a product that is ecologically sound and completely safe. These natural colours are added to a product made from milk protein, lime, and natural fillers.

Some other companies may use Kaolin Clay as a filler, but Real Milk Paint avoids its use, as Kaolin Clay may be derived from radioactive clays.

Benefits of Real Milk Paint

For anyone looking for a great alternative to standard paint, Real Milk Paint offers several benefits that make it a great option, including:

  • Natural and Organic. Real Milk Paint uses an exclusive formula consisting of all organic materials, such as powdered purified casein (milk protein), Lime, and pigments
  • Improved Air Quality. Not only does Real Milk Paint not contain VOCs, but its formula also consists of nearly one-third pharmaceutical grade high calcium lime. The benefit of this is that lime can absorb carbon monoxide from the air, resulting in cleaner indoor air when used on your interior walls.
  • Ideal for Antique Furniture. Milk Paint distresses more easily than other types of paint, making it a perfect means of achieving an antique or farmhouse appearance with furniture.
  • Adheres to Almost All Clean, Porous Surfaces. Milk Paint will adhere easily to raw wood, plaster, and drywall. It also adheres to stone and unsealed brick and concrete. It requires no primer when painting on wood and other porous surfaces.
  • Easy-to-Use Water-Based Formula. All you need to do is add water to prepare your paint. The amount you add controls the viscosity, from thick paint to a wash coat.
  • Remains Usable For Up To a Month. Real Milk Paint will not congeal rapidly and will remain usable for a minimum of two weeks after mixing with water and may last up to a month, making it suitable for even large projects. Other milk paints have a shorter pot life and may congeal within a single day.
  • The Colours. Real Milk Paint is available in 28 colours that offer a beautiful matte finish. The stunning colours, combined with the dry, flat look offer a look unmatched by other paints.
  • Fast-Drying. Real Milk Paint will be completely dry to the touch within 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the ambient indoor temperature.

When you are looking for a safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly alternative to standard paint, Real Milk Paint is what you need.

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